Aaron Bailey

Originally from Brevard, Bailey got into furniture making in high school and has been dabbling in the art ever since 1998.  He took art classes in college and then right after college began doing a lot of tree work which, he said, lead to getting a lot of interesting trees, a chainsaw mill, and milling up lumber. He started building small cabins in various locations and eventually started making furniture for said cabins.

He always refers to his becoming a furniture maker as a “natural progression.”

Bailey likes to take already existing structures and change the reality that they exist in. “Depending on the piece, most of the time the inspiration comes from the piece of wood I’m using, or the piece of metal, and, usually, I’ll just let it do either what it’s suggesting or what it can do.”

Aaron has some very charming vintage school chairs which he has breathed new life into by keeping the metal base untouched and then trading out the plastic seat and back for smooth wooden ones.