Samantha Oliver

 My work is a union of pattern, repetition, and tactile surface treatment that is stimulating to the touch. Texturing my pieces allows me to experiment with line quality, rhythm, and movement. My pots incorporate objects and imagery found in nature, which have personal value to me. I am motivated by floral patterns I would find in my childhood homes. My family lived a very transient life; we would move to a new town every couple of years. With my environment constantly changing, it was easy for me to see the little consistencies, like the floral wallpaper borders that ran along the ceilings around every new house we moved into. Whether it be wallpaper, curtains, or dining room linen napkins that my mother insisted we use every meal, the repetitive floral design on these items have made its way into the earliest memories of my life.

I believe that the social and communal aspects of functional pottery are significant. The shape, design, and function of a pot inform its surroundings; it is able to turn a social gathering into a ceremonial setting. My intention is to create pots that beg to be held and used in a setting that brings people together in conversation and fellowship.