Windy O'Connor

Abstract painter Windy O'Connor isn't content to merely function in the world; she uses life to garner inspiration for her work. From her travels to faraway places or the latest runway inspirations to North Carolina landscapes, O'Connor is never short of new inspiration. She works to convey an experience, emotion, memory or atmosphere. By scraping, pouring, adding and subtracting line, shape and form, she considers the paint and materials that she uses as the subject matter for many of her pieces.

Windy utilizes multiple mediums in her work, such as paper, cold wax, string and graphite, in addition to experimenting with different ways to manipulate paint to create varying degrees of textures and thicknesses. 

O'Connor's long-term goals lie in staying true to what she views as a "lifelong journey and pursuit of creating something that can bring another person joy.

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