Ana Barragan

Our woods are sourced from sustainable operations in Colombia, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Fedemaderas Colombia. We also have a line with recycled woods in almost all of the frames. We cured and waxed them with a wax cream that we make with three natural waxes, linseed oil, paraffin, and turpentine to waterproof and protect the frames.

The design of our frames aims to use wood as the focal point rather than as a material to replace plastic. Since every layer of wood is unique, our design showcases natural patterns in comfortable and stylish frames. Some of the frames seek to push the boundaries on eyeware away from regular sunglasse by using the full capabilities of the material.

The process; 8 layers of wood are glued and bent for 24-36 hours to harden, then cut into shape. Machine andhand sanding are used to smooth and shape the frames, then they are finished with natural waxes and linseed oil blend. Computer numerical control and laser machines are used for engraving and detailing.

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