Pamela Haddock

Pamela Haddock was born in West Virginia and moved with her family to Wilmington, North Carolina when she was a child. There she completed her education, earning a degree in Geology. Art in some form was a part of her life from the time she could hold a crayon. Pamela took her creativity for granted and admits she was naive to think producing art was a part of everyone’s life as it was for her.

In 1989 Pamela returned to the mountain landscapes she loved when she moved with her husband and children to Sylva, North Carolina. The mystery of watercolor is her favorite medium. She has painted in watercolor for over thirty years. Seven years ago she began experimenting using a print brayer on plate surfaces. Pamela uses scrapers, brushes, and spatulas to manipulate and subtract the paint to create what has been described as emotional or spiritual landscapes. Impressionistic, vivid, textural representations of her beloved mountain landscape is at the core of her work, preserving the luminous chroma of watercolor in a process that is uniquely her invention.

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