Celia Barberi

 Celia Barbieri calls herself The Button Florist; artist, hippie, mad scientist, world traveler. Shake together vigorously and serve! Celia creates unique alternatives to traditional flowers, using a mixture of up-cycled and vintage buttons, handmade ceramic buttons, and recycled sweater felt. She creates flowers to commemorate special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, but also to brighten up any room!

“I suppose my love for both nature and art is apparent in all my creations. I have always loved small trinkets and such. As a child I constantly picked up little treasures that I would find, from seashells on the beach, to things that other people considered trash. I’ve always had dozens of collections as a child, as I still do now.”

Celia began making button flowers over 20 years ago and continues to evolve and expand different aspects of her business. Since then, she has branched out into new types of button flowers using ceramics and felt.