Janet Green Jacobson

 Janet’s landscapes convey a love of the land that comes from the heart, and from living in the mountains of North Carolina her entire life.  Her career began as a traditional watercolorist but over the years she has explored different media and subject matter.  Janet now creates from an emotive focus centering on memories and feelings of her surroundings.  An art of imaginative concept rather than analytical observation.  

Her paintings usually are a combination of her imagination as well as drawing elements from various locations, new ideas, and previous paintings.  Gathering inspiration from an intense love of nature and an avid hiker, Janet extracts simplified but bold patterns from the natural landscapes, minimizing the use of details, and creating a more contemporary look.  Through the use of rich, bold colors that are softly blended and richly applied textures, her landscapes evoke a feeling of mystery and meditative stillness.  Her serene scenes, often painted when the sun is going down and shadows are long, sometimes depicting an isolated barn, can bring a sense of nostalgic melody.  Her aim is to communicate her total amazement when confronted with nature, and if the paintings are successful, passing that emotion on to the viewer.  

Janet earned both a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of South Carolina.