Pat Brown

 Pat retired as the vice president of a regional bank.  When she retired from the corporate world, she had two goals.  Her first goal was to turn her 30-year fiber arts hobby into a full time vocation.  Secondly to pass along her passion for weaving.   She feels extremely lucky to have both happen. 

Pat designs, sets up her loom, and weave several hours most days.   In addition, one day a week she volunteers to teach weaving classes at the local Community Center.   Every third Saturday of each month, she does demonstrations at the Hagood Mill in Pickens.  The enthusiasm and excitement of her students is a fond remember of her own initial joy in learning to weave.

Pat resides in Seneca South Carolina with her husband Dan.  They have two adult children.  She enjoys expanding her weaving knowledge and traveling to several workshops each year to try out new ideas.

I hope you find my weavings are both pleasing to your eye and a delight your touch.  Slip into one of my wraps and feel the enjoyment I’ve had in making it.”   Pat Brown