Tina Curry

 My first experience with clay was at the insistence of a close friend who wanted to try a new hobby. I just went along for fun, but ironically it became my new hobby. Twenty-four years later working with clay has become part of my daily existence. I fell in love with the challenge of creating 3-dimensional clay sculptures from images I sketch out in my mind.

  There is a fascination with trying to express nonverbal emotion through clay, especially with human portraits. Many of my animal sculptures take on more of a whimsical or humorous spirit. My equine sculptures were born from memories of my lifelong love of horses, beginning with my very first pony at age 6 through most of my adult life. And what better firing technique to use but actual horsehair to burn the intricate design into the clay body. Each sculpture is hand built and carries a little bit of my personality with it. 

I have participated as a mentor in the Community School of the Arts Side by Side Mentor Program since 1997, working with students ages 9-18 to develop their skill in creating sculptural clay art. I served for two years on the show committee for Arrowmont’s Gatlinburg Fine Arts Show. Memberships include: Southern Highlands Craft Guild, the Oak Ridge Art Center, Foothills Craft Guild, Terra Madre Women in Clay, and the Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville.