Donna Craven

 Donna’s pots are salt glazed and wood-fired.  Her work is grounded in tradition but reflects her influences that produce a combination of strength, simplicity and gracefulness that is undeniably unique. She frequently employs a taped decoration technique using manganese or a combination of crackle slips and ash glaze to achieve her desired effects.   

Donna is largely self-taught, but nothing happens in a vacuum.  She began as a Seagrove journeyman potter in 1996.  She learned the basics by working in various local potteries among which were Humble Mill Pottery and Turn and Burn Pottery. In the summer of 2001 Donna built a small groundhog kiln. The first kiln opening was held that fall and she has been doing only her clay pieces since then. In 2010 she built a much larger groundhog style kiln that she continues to fire 6 to 8 times a year. Her goal is to create continuity between the form and the surface of a piece in order to bring it to life.  She uses a variety of materials and techniques to accomplish this.  

Donna is a direct descendant of Peter Craven, one of the original pottery families of the Seagrove North Carolina community. She has a deep respect for the integrity of the Seagrove tradition. It has an honest and simple strength that rings true to her.

Kyle Griffith