Heather Knight

“With my work I hope to bridge modern design and the natural world by paring down the essence of things to repetitive textures and basic form.“

Heather Knight opened Element Clay Studio in Asheville, NC in the summer of 2007 as a way to supplement her income in between teaching sessions at the local museum. Interior Design magazine contacted her late that year, and by May 2008, she resigned from her teaching position to pursue Element Clay Studio full time. Her studio is now based out of her home in Savannah, GA. The studio was originally designed by artist Julio Garcia and is made from recycled shipping containers.

Though the business has grown greatly in the last eight years, the backbone of the studio has remained the same. Heather is committed to remaining a craft based business, and all of the porcelain dishes, tiles, vases and decorative objects are 100% handmade and don't use any means of mass production. Adhering to these values allows Element Clay Studio to continue to produce only the finest, heirloom quality work.

In September 2012, Heather's husband Mike Dale has joined her in the studio. Mike has a background in visual arts and is a great addition to the studio. He helps make sure that all the details are taken care of.

Kyle Griffith