Miriam Hughes

A native of Chicago, Miriam has started her career as a medical illustrator, creating artwork for publications, text books, exhibits and animation using the Walt Disney animation process before computers took over.  She also taught medical illustration at her alma mater, Kansas State University, and later became a dog trainer.  As a lifelong sketcher and painter, Miriam began to work in pastels creating portraits of her clients dogs.  Upon moving to Hendersonville, she expanded her artwork to include watercolor and acrylic. 

Her playful and moderately folk art style uses a seven step technique called Watercolor Gouache Resist which also incorporates influence from woodblocks and batik.  Miriam’s more traditional watercolors are vibrant and vary from landscapes, to florals and animals. She prefers to work in three to five colors and let the colors merge to create transparency and excitement. Often, pen and ink will add intense detail, highlighting the value changes within a subject.

Miriam offers a variety of workshops and classes in watercolor, watercolor gouache resist, sketching and drawing. Her teaching style encourages even the most skeptical beginner to learn, love and grow as an artist. Her focus, while certainly on technique is also on the purpose of creating and finding each individual’s unique artistic voice. Sharing that information is as much her passion as her the process of creating her own work.

Kyle Griffith