Rachel Elise

Rachel started Rachel Elise in 2008 while earning her BFA in Fiber Art at the University of North Texas. Shortly after she started selling her bags, she met Bo, and they fell in love. Bo worked full-time in marketing. Rachel finished up her studies, married Bo, and made Rachel Elise her full-time job in 2011. 

Fast-forward to 2016, and Bo is super over his once-fancy marketing job. Some stars aligned and Bo quit his job and started helping out with Rachel Elise. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but we realized we really liked working together! Bo picked up a bit of sewing, improved our product photography, and learned more about rotary cutters and squeegees than he ever thought he would. Later that year, we realized that with both of us being completely self-employed, we should move to the place we'd always aspired to live: the mountains! In 2017, we packed up our studio and our cats and headed to western North Carolina. We design, cut, print, and stitch every bag in our home studio, and hope to do so for years to come! 

Almost all our products include waxed canvas. This durable fabric is cotton canvas with a thin coating of wax on both sides. It makes the fabric extra tough and is also a little bit weather resistant.  Rachel Elise bags are not washable, but we encourage you to tackle any stains with Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

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