Warren Carpenter

 Woodworking has always been a part of Warren Carpenter’s life. What else would you expect from a Carpenter? He has been a home builder since the 70’s and has been creating furniture and sculpting wood during his spare time. In 1999, his passion changed direction towards turning wood. With a creative eye and an ever-expanding knowledge of wood, Warren is always looking for that special tree (or special part of a tree) that may someday become a unique turning. “There are few things better than finding a burl and figuring out the best way to turn it into one or more pieces of artwork.” he says. 

Warren shares his works of art in many galleries throughout the country. He has won numerous awards and participated in many shows and exhibitions as both a wood turner and sculptor.  He is an educator who has taught both classes and demonstrations. 

This local artist enjoys experimenting with new shapes and forms to help him release the natural beauty of wood. The final step in his process is applying finish that will protect and enhance the wood without making a statement of it’s own. “A finished turning will highlight the beauty of the wood in a shape that is both pleasant to both sight and feel.” Warren states.

Kyle Griffith